Brutus Warbear

A hardy dwarf with keen eyes, killer instincts, and nimble fingers. This badass revolutionary could stare down a dragon.


Name: Brutus War-Bear Race: Dwarf Class: Ranger (2) Scout (1) Level: (3)
Size and Gender: Medium/Male Allignment: Chaotic Nuetral Patron Deity: Kord
Hieght: 5 ft. Wieght: 125lbs

HP: 25

Ability Scores Modifiers

STR:11 +0
DEX:16 +3
CON:14 +2
INT:12 +1
WIS:7 -2
CHA:8 -1

Combat Options

Base Attack Bonus(+2)

Weapons Attack Bonus Damage Critical Range Increment Type Ammo
-Long bow +4 D8 x3 100ft n/a infinite
-Punching dagger

Saving Throws Conditional Modifiers
Fortitude = 5
Reflex = 8 +2 against Poisons and Spells
Will = -2

Armor Class
Ac = 18

Touch Ac = 13
Flatfooted Ac = 15

(on person)

-long bow (MW)
-leather armor
-arrows (infinite)
-following survival gear
-flint and steel
-1 days trail rations
-3 torches
-7 colbat babies
-7 colbat eggs
-crafting tools
-mithril breastplate
-8 javelins
-10,000 wooden splints

Possesions not on Person

-pony (Karman)

Experience Earned (thus far)
- 3060exp

-climb =4
-concentration =4
-craft (weapons) =3
-craft (armor) =2
-gather information =1
-handle animals =3
-hide =7
-listen =4
-move silently =7
-search =2
-survival =2

Racial Traits
- Dark Vision (60ft)
- stone cutting
- stability
- 1 damage to orcs
- +2 appraised checks on stone and metal
- +2 craft checks
- favored enemy (dragons)
- wild empathy
- skirmish (
- trapfinding

- track
- point blank
- rapidshot


-Brutus War-Bear

Born in to troubled times, Brutus grew up a soldier in the Dwarvern Union’s massive army. He quickly rose in rank as he lead his people to victory after victory in the infamous War of Ages. For his sheer brutality in combat, his beloved men named him War-Bear, a name he wears proudly even today. However, upon his return, his beloved nation turned on him and his men, slaughtering his army in mass until he alone stood standing. Weak and broken from battle, a group of radicals rushed in, beating the Union’s Army back in a hit and run manuever, scooping up the fallen general, and carrying him back to their stronghold in the Freemines, East of the Union borders. Planning on using his story to incite more revolutionaries in to joining the cause, the rebels nursed Brutus back to full health. Its ego bruised by the rebel victory, the Dwarvern Union tracked War-Bear back to Freemines to end him and the rebellion once and for all. However, Brutus War-Bear had had time to fully recover. With a new found fury, Brutus led a militia of 15,000 against a small army of 60,000 in the Battle of Ku-dai-graa. Using the Freemines treachorous mountians as vantage points, Brutus and his men dwindled the Union forces from above with archers until the men’s morale broke and the army surrendered without orders. As a show of intimidation, War-Bear gave the Union dwarves who fought valiently to the end an honorable burial. Those who tried to surrender however, were branded, castrated, and sometimes crippled. They were then given small amounts of food, bound together and forced to march the many miles back to the Union barefoot. If one refused the rebels would kill him and leave him bound to the remaining soldiers to be dragged along as a burden to his remaing brothers. Presently Brutus joins Garfieldius and companions on their journey seeking economic and military support for his cause, among the other nations.

Love Intrest:
– Carlia (wife)

– Carlia (wife)
– Katrina (daughter)
– Maximus (son)

- Garfieldius - Trever - Vicroar Cutthroat - D. Lizard

– President Hail (conspiritor/head conspiritor)
– General Stone-Handed (conspiritor/opposing general)
– Lieutenet Fleet-Footed (conspiritor/traitor)

Brutus Warbear

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